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Dentist at Bellevue Square in Zurich

Dental Lounge by Mihai Tudor

Mihai Tudor has been working as an independent dentist since 1999 and at Bellevue in Zurich since 2004 .At the Dental Lounge, everything revolves around your dental and aesthetic needs. Inaddition, we are experts in aligners from Invisalign if you want to straighten your teeth.

We look forward to seeing you.

+41 43 501 55 57

Dental practice Dental Lounge am Bellevue

Theaterstrasse 18 | CH-8001 Zurich

The Dental Lounge is located at Bellevue and thus in the heart of Zurich. Accordingly, it is easy to reach. We are a small but very experienced and perfectly coordinated team. In addition to classical dental activities (gum diseases - periodontology / conservative dentistry / root canal treatments / tooth extractions / prosthetics - crowns, lumineers, veneers, etc.) we also support you in aesthetic concerns with our expertise in orthodontics.

The Dental Lounge wants to give patients with high demands but limited time the place to take care of their dental health: In a pleasant ambience and with top-level staff. Because it is our goal to offer you a service at the highest level.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Dental Lounge.

+41 43 501 55 57

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Aneta Tudor Dental Lounge Zurich Bellevue

To protect the teeth from long-term damage, plaque should be removed regularly. The oral cavity contains billions of different bacteria that can multiply unhindered without such precautions.

To prevent the gums from receding and periodontitis from forming, regular cleaning of the teeth is necessary. Do you have any questions? Contact us for an appointment.

Tooth discoloration can occur especially when foods such as alcoholic beverages, coffee or juices are consumed. But also cigarette smoke, malnutrition or caries contribute to the yellow discoloration of the enamel.

It is by far not only the malocclusions of the lower jaw that result in an incorrect tooth position with impairments when biting and chewing. Even with a normal bite, the rows of teeth can show irregularities that are unpleasantly noticeable.

Especially in the exposed frontal area, which is exposed to the viewer's gaze, malpositions are unattractive and disturbing.

Over the past decades, both the materials and the technology used to manufacture the plastic trays have been refined to such an extent that aligners have now become a near-perfect means of correcting mild to moderate tooth misalignments. Whitening provides brighter teeth and gives you a bright white smile.

The correction of misaligned teeth was previously only possible with braces, which were easily visible to outsiders. The transparent Invisalign braces make it possible to correct tooth misalignments discreetly. Thus, it represents the modern alternative to conventional metal braces.

Do you have any questions? Contact us for a consultation.

In modern usage, however, the term "crown" is not used to describe the naturally grown crown of a tooth, but rather an artificial attachment that completely replaces the upper part of a tooth.

With "dental crown" we want to adopt in the following the now common meaning as an artificial upper part of the tooth.

If teeth are missing in places where this is less noticeable, this is unfavourable in the long run: In such a case, the opposite tooth is weakened because it does not encounter any resistance when chewing.

Therefore, it is not only important for aesthetic reasons to replace lost teeth and to close the gaps between the teeth.

Wherever gaps between teeth have developed and need to be closed, an implant comes into play as an alternative to a bridge.

This is an established form of treatment in dentistry, with a success rate of well over 95%.

Our topics and competences

Dental Hygiene - • Teeth cleaning - • Gum Care - Deep Scaling - • Tooth Correction - • Tooth misalignments - • Invisalign - • Aligner - • Aesthetic Dentistry - • Bleaching - • Home Bleaching - • Power Bleaching - • Dentures - • Crowns - • Bridges - • Implants - •

Healthy teeth and happy patients. We look forward to seeing you.

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