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The very name tells us that it must be about something luminous, bright, radiant.

In fact, they are particularly thin veneers that look very close to the natural appearance of the teeth. When using veneers, it is not only a question of which teeth should be veneered in which way. The material used is at least as important as the shape and appearance. After all, the veneers should look like teeth; it should be as unnoticeable as possible that something has been bonded to the teeth. The best way to achieve this is with ceramic. Lumineers are made of ceramic. Ceramic as a material comes extremely close to the natural tooth in terms of properties and appearance: it is slightly transparent, fracture-resistant, colourfast and also very resistant as well as extremely durable.

Lumineers are veneers made of ceramic. As with veneers, they are used for discoloured, slightly crooked or broken teeth, darkened or stained tooth surfaces. To attach Lumineers, teeth do not have to be ground down, because the thin ceramic shells are glued to the front teeth with a special adhesive so that they have a firm hold. The tooth substance is not damaged in any way.

Lumineers are virtually indistinguishable from a natural tooth Lumineers are therefore the "premium" veneers. They have advantages over composite veneers in terms of appearance and durability. However, they are also more complex and expensive to fabricate.

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